Al Ka’ba by Nizar Ismael

The Ka'ba

8 January 2014 at 21:44
According to Muslims, this cubic building was rebuilt by the prophet Ibraheem (Abraham or Abram) & his son Isma’eel (Ishmael) as instructed by God (Allah, Ellah or Elohim) through the archangel Jibreel (Gabriel) to be a monument (Symbol) for humanity to congregate and praise/worship him.
Abraheem was asked to rebuild it as it was originally built by Adam and was destroyed after the flood (Noah).

Muslims do not worship the building (Al Ka’ba) but it serves as a marker for the place.
It is in Makkah in Hijaz (now part of Saudi Arabian Kingdom)

Scientifically, it is in the centre of the land mass of the planet and lies over the line of true north magnetic field.
Every Muslim is asked to visit it once in a lifetime (if able physically and financially) and circle it anti clockwise (universal motion direction) while praising the Lord, supplicating and repenting.

Muslims do not have a symbol, figure, or image representing Allah (God) as Islam is based on the oneness of the creator. He cannot be imagined by the human mind and is like nothing known to his creatures. He created time and space, therefore he is above them with no beginning and eternal (limitless).

Muslims believe that revelation from Allah to his prophets from Adam to Ibraheem (Abraham). Musa (Moses), Eissa (Jesus) and Mohammad is a continuous single message of preaching the oneness of the creator who is the only one worthy of worship and obedience.

by Nizar Ismael


About Nizar Ismael

Nizar Ismael, FRCM, Dip RCM Composer of music, poet and writer

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